contraindications and instructions

Male health is an important component of life

Problems with potency take the leading position among men’s health problems. As they age, they are activated, which worsens human life. There is a strong irritability, problems in the family. Now even young guys are facing problems in this matter. According to statistics, erectile dysfunction occurs in more than 5% of men under 50 years of
age. For a long time these questions were tried to solve by medical methods and operative intervention, but it did not bring the necessary

Today there is an effective drug Viagra, the reception of which reduces the display of signs of potency. It is used not only by those who suffer from potency, but also by healthy men. This is done to show their male strength to women. However, it should be remembered that this is a drug and it is recommended to take it only after consultation with a specialist. It is necessary to familiarize with contraindications and instructions. To get a professional consultation, please contact the clinic. There are doctors with many years of experience who will choose the best course of therapy for you.

Benefits of viagra

The drug has undergone a lot of tests and research. Years of active use have shown that he is really effectively struggling with erectile dysfunction issues. Adverse reactions that arose were related to other drugs that the patient was taking at the same time. The main advantage is the speed of action.

Reception Features

To achieve the fastest possible result of taking viagra ireland online is recommended on an empty stomach. The drug can cause headaches and other adverse reactions in the wrong use. Therefore, first you need to consult with your doctor and decide on the tactics of treatment. The action of tablets is limited to 5 hours. Remember, every human body has its own individual characteristics, so self-treatment often leads to aggravation of health problems. To avoid this it is necessary to undergo examination and consult with a competent specialist before the reception. There is no single scheme for all people, because the causes of the problem and its degree are individual. Starting treatment is recommended with a minimum dose. To make a final decision – sign up to the clinic and consult your doctor. sitemap